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Contemporary Bedroom Furniture: Bedroom Sets, Storage Beds

The bedroom is the one room in your house where you feel safe and comfortable. It is your own private little world, a sanctuary, where you can be yourself. It is where we can just relax and leave all our troubles behind.

As such, the choice of furniture that should adorn the bedroom is very important. It is quite difficult to choose the best furniture for bedroom due to the wide range of styles in the market today.

Before it became the “norm”, this type of furniture were heavy chunky items that were ornate with intricate designs along with being accessorized with fabrics that were considered “busily patterned”. Today, it will give your bedroom a relaxed, classy, clean atmosphere.

Bedroom furniture mainly consists of:

Bedroom Sets

The main reason why many people go for bedroom sets is that all pieces that come with it are compatible with each other. This gives a feeling of being modern and stylish. Another advantage is, one does not have to undergo the hustle of having to look for each piece of furniture separately.

The bedroom set also exudes a feeling of order and tranquility. Many people are increasingly buying into this concept. Bedroom sets come in so many styles and looks that cater for any variety of tastes.


Today, there are many types of beds available on the market. This must be the focal point of every bedroom. This is where we spend quite a large part of our lives. We all love this piece of furniture. An important aspect of it is its functionality. Traditionally, the main purpose of a bed was to sleep on.


Basically, this type of bed can be used as either a couch, a chaise lounge as well as a bed.

Platform Beds

They are also called cabin beds. They normally consist of a raised platform for holding a mattress.

Storage Beds

A side effect of the change in lifestyle is the constant need for more and more space as we continue to accumulate stuff. As a result, storage beds are becoming a popular piece of contemporary bedroom furniture. As beds take up quite a considerable amount of bedroom space, using them for storage purposes is a very smart idea.


It is also called a bedside table. Some have drawers where you can store items. Mainly, they are used to support certain items such as alarm clocks, phones or anything you might need to be within reach at night.


The common name for this is the wardrobe. It is used for storing clothes. They come in different sizes, shapes and designs.


It is a piece of furniture that consists of horizontal drawers. It is normally used to store clothing that would normally not be stored in a closet or hung. Such clothing includes underwear, socks and other items.


A mirror should be exist in your bedroom. Some are fixed on top of dressers while some are full length. They form an important part of the morning routine.

How to Choose Contemporary Bedroom Furniture?

Before you go to the store to purchase new furniture, you need to know just what your needs are. The main piece of bedroom furniture would be the bed.

Before purchasing a new bed you need to know just what type will suit your needs because each bed is designed to conform to specific needs. It will take time to find the right bed. For example, if you were trying to decide between a platform bed and a queen bed you would look at all the pros and cons before making your decision because you do not want to get a bed that is all wrong for you.

To ensure that you do not get a bed that is too big to fit in your bedroom or a bed that leaves very little walkway you need to measure the room and write down the measurements. The styles that signify a contemporary bedroom would be a four-poster, platform, or sleigh bed.

Choosing furniture for your bedroom will let you establish a theme for your bedroom decor whether it be the style or color of the bedroom. Basically, bedroom furniture consist of the bed frame, mattress and box springs, a desk and chair, chests of drawers, and bedside tables but you do not need to choose all the pieces.

You do not want your room to look cluttered. You need to know the style before you can start purchasing the accessories for your bedroom such as lamps and window treatments.

When getting new furniture for your bedroom most people are more concerned about the bigger pieces that they forget about the little things. Some of these little important things can include: