Shabby Chic Furniture – A Style For Homes That Is Gaining Popularity

Remember that the colors for this beautiful style must be light tones like Sand or Light pink. The first is soft and warm and will give a calm touch to the bathroom, and the pink is more vivid and girly but a wonderful way to the style we are looking for. Don’t choose any shine colors.

Select the things that you want to paint in the shabby chic that are a bit old and worn out. Vintage treasures and thrift good are the best for the cause. It is perfectly alright if the finishing of all the articles is totally messed up because ultimately you are going to color them into uniformity.

First, decide on the theme you want for the room. It is easy to use shabby chic bedroom furniture to create a modern, romantic or even vintage room. It all depends on what you want but this is something you need to figure out first, before you get started.

0 may seem like a lot of money, but if you compare shabby chic slipcover sofa prices, then you will realize this is a great discount form the normal price of furniture.

Target has really grabbed hold of the hold discount shabby chic furniture trend and run with it. Target truly has to be one of my favorite sources for discount shabby chic furniture that really fits almost any budget.

If you have large picture windows in your home, these are perfect for the vintage shabby chic bed. Use delicate sheers in pale colors, or a small stripe or floral pattern works as long as the colors stay in the white, pale pink or cream color. A very small touch of black or navy will work as well.

Some great places to find bargains on vintage and antique items include: yard and garage sales, thrift and charity shops, online auctions, estate auctions and antique shops.

Next, use vintage fabrics to get a worn and old look. You can either purchase actual vintage fabrics or simply vintage prints that have been remade. To age the fabric, you can stain it with a light tea brew and take it from a stark and sterile white to a soft and buttery cream.

Finally, milk paint is one of my favorite paints and paint techniques for creating a shabby chic piece of furniture or craft. Milk paint often comes in powder form and you simply add water to make the paint.