Shabby Chic Furniture – Distressed Furniture In Demand

Depending on the decor of your lampshade and the pattern you are using you will need to make a mark though each of these holes. I like to simple use a yellow magic marker to do this. In most cases the lampshade will be white and the yellow dots will not be noticeable at all one your have applied your needlepoint artwork.

Large, overstuffed furniture is a key element when decorating in a vintage shabby chic bed. The most important thing to remember with furniture pieces is to maintain the true shabby essence, which is white-washing. Distressed armoires, dressers and tables can really make a room. Taking old pieces that you already have, stripping them down, and giving them an antique look by painting it white and rubbing the edges and part of the surface with a low-grade sand paper will give your room a perfect look.

The most important thing and also the main aspect of the shabby chic bedroom furniture is to paint your bathroom’s trim in white color. White is the principal color in everything you want to give a chic touch. So, just for a cost of some white paint and a brush you can start your decorating project and give a stylish look to your bathroom.

You can find amazing, unique furniture pieces at thrift stores. And since you’re looking for something that says shabby, you don’t have to look at the most expensive, newer pieces. In fact, the cheaper, older, and shabbier, the better.

Many home design styles can be created by using your imagination. shabby chic furniture is painted white; so all you need to do is find a piece of furniture that is scratched and paint it white. Some pieces can be painted with designs that imitate an exotic location. Find some old luggage or trunks and make some labels of exotic locations (look on the web) to stick on them as if they traveled the world. Be creative and you will be surprised at what you can dream up.

Designing a home in the French provincial style incorporates bringing nature into all aspects of the home. Wooden detailing, distressing coarse plastic pieces and rough stone walls should all feature prominently. In particular it is important to mix textures and materials. Chairs will have carvings on the back. Pieces will not be overly shiny but have a low sheen or wax finish.