Shabby Chic Furniture – How To Turn Your Home Into A Cozy Place

Estate sales, garage sales and Goodwill are great places to find your treasures at bargain prices. I recommend that if you have a particular item in mind, research to see what the going rate is in your area. This applies whether you are paying cash or bartering. No one likes to shell out money or trade, only to find out later they could have purchased the item for much less.

The concept of shabby and chic first started in Britain. However, most people think that this trend had begun in France. From the 80’s this trend had gathered mass popularity and since then its popularity has increased. You can purchase this type of furniture of any size that will suit your room and its interiors. If you have a very large living room then you can consider of incorporating shabby chic furniture. You can set up furniture of this kind even in bedrooms and bathrooms.

The wedding favors are a great place to try your hand at stenciling. Choose any type of favor that you like, and place it in a small paper bag or cardboard box. You can use your stencil to add character to the packaging and give your favors that really customized look. This same idea can be used for your bridesmaid gifts. Select pretty bridesmaid gifts, such as dainty pearl earrings, and then make them even more special by presenting them in hand-stenciled boxes. The personal touch will make your gifts even more heartfelt and thoughtful.

French style furniture is also characterised by its elegant curves. For instance, a living room couch may have wooden frame with intricate curved design on its armrest, backrest and feet. The typical French piece of furniture is not utilitarian in its look. It always manages to impress with its intricate curbed details.

The well-worn, well-loved is the ideal in shabby chic decor. Accordingly, wood furnishings should have a distressed look. This can easily be achieved through a two-step painting technique. First paint the furniture white, then, once dry, paint the furniture again with a faded hue of your choice, like sage or pale pink. Once dry again, sand the furniture lightly to impart the shabby chic bedroom furniture to it. Then, around angles and corners that would normally become worn over time, sand down to the white paint. This elegant worn look is the hallmark of shabby chic decor. Alternatively, you might wish to create another famous shabby chic bedroom furniture, that of a crackled finish. The simplest way is to use Rust-Oleum’s Crackle Creations Kit which comes with easy to follow instructions.

When you think of the country, you usually don’t think of high sheen silver polished appliances and sleek surfaces with very little detail. This would belong in a more urban setting. The appliances you may want to consider in a country themed kitchen may be hidden with wood paneled surfaces, or, if the kitchen is white, the appliances should match the theme and also be white. Do not opt for lighting which looks like studio lighting or brilliant spotlights. Instead, find a hanging light with a nice frosted dome shape which disperses the light evenly and can even be found in a coordinating color to your wall color. Using a frosted glass dome shaped light in a warmer color like orange or yellow will create a warmer light in your kitchen.

Another thing to consider is purchasing childrens bedroom furniture that will grow with your child. Furniture that works for every phase helps to create a great space for kids that can be easily adapted as they mature into their own style. So when they leave the nest a few tweaks can transform their room into a fabulous guest room.

For a light, airy look, you may want to use light colors and textures such as is used in the vintage shabby chic bed of decor. These colors range from white to soft pastels such as light shades of sage, pink, tan and so on. Accents in this type of decor have a distressed finish, meaning they have a worn look, which is perfect for this charming and romantic style. If an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere is what you are after, this is the perfect style for you.

Lighting is another area where you can be a little creative. Antique looking chandeliers and candle holders are perfect in this decor. Lamp shades are often decorated with glass or crystal beads that add to the antique look. Painted shades are great as well. Anything that looks as if it came from another era is what you are striving for.